Why Titan

  • 25 years of real estate experience combined
  • Over 40 years of investing experience combined
  • Expert knowledge of the legalization process in Simcoe County
  • No fees charged to the investor
  • Hands on service provided to the investor


Duplex/Legal Second Suites

Homes that are already registered or built to be
duplexes as well as single family homes that are purchased and converted to become
legal second suite homes

Triplex or Garden Suites

Homes that are already triplexes, duplexes, or legal second
suites that have a garden suite added to the property to become a triplex. The garden
suite becomes a third unit that is a separately contained building

New Build Investment Properties

Titan Property Investments offers experience in
new build properties that could include duplexes, triplexes, and larger buildings that
would have four or more units

Fourplex or Larger

This would include more building style investment properties that
contain four to more units within the structure

Ways To Invest.


One way to invest in a property with Titan Property Investments is as a solo investor, meaning the investor is alone with Titan. The investor would put forth the money for the down payment and renovations but would also receive all of the
refinance money back as well as own 50% of the home


This way involves 2 or more investors coming together with Titan to purchase a property and turn it into a multi residential home. The percentage of ownership and money required to invest would be determined by the number of investors involved on the project.

Titan Introduction!


Chief Financial Officer



Chief Executive Officer


What They’re Saying

Working with Titan Property Investments has been a breath of fresh air. These guys really have a handle on the business of making returns. The system makes so much sense and is easy to understand. I look forward to future projects that I wouldn’t hesitate to be a part of. If you’re thinking of investing in real estate and are looking for a company to organize and maintain the investment then look no further than Titan.


We’ve known Joe and his family for a very long time now. They are courteous, caring and extremely trustworthy, we had no doubt that Joe would look after our best interest. We actually approached him about the idea of working together on an investment property. He explained their process in full and at no time did we feel like there was any pressure to proceed. We feel great about our investment and wish we could do another.


My experience with Titan Property Investments has been that of a positive one. The professionalism this company has shown every step of the way has been remarkable. Their dedication to the clients and the investment is second to none. I would highly recommend Titan to anyone who is looking for
impeccable service and high returns.


Working with Joe & Adam at Titan has been a very rewarding experience. I had been wanting to invest in real estate for some time but was nervous to get started. They met with me on several occasions and walked me through the process making it easy to understand. They have handled everything along the way and have provided me updates on a regular basis, leading me to obtain 3 properties! I'm excited to continue to build my portfolio with Titan and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help to get started in real estate investing!


We had thought about having a property investment for years but never felt comfortable moving forward with it, for fear of having bad tenants or not being able to carry another mortgage. When we heard Joe and Adam’s rental property formula, it removed the risk and hesitation for us. The plan used their expertise, management skills and a proven method that made investing easy that took away our apprehension. The other big factor was the integrity and professionalism we’ve come to appreciate in both guys, simply put; we trusted them. The process went the way they explained that it would and after almost 2 years into it, we have no regrets. We have growing assets that are managed for us just like any investment a bank may offer. Although we are property investors, we don’t have to deal with tenants, bills or any other stresses that usually come from owning rental properties. If I could afford it, I’d do another deal tomorrow!


Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together